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Claudiu Limban


Professional Profile

I stumbled upon the web 1.0 at the beginning of Highschool. Since then, coding has shaped my way of thinking in a more logical and structured way (maybe that's why I say a lot in a few words :P). Meanwhile I've grown to enjoy nature (especially hiking and snowboarding). When I'm not coding, I enjoy my other hobby: photography. I'm the best at what I do, because I love my job.

Work Experience

Jan 2014 - Present



After my weeding I realize I could help a lot of people make their special day a lot easier, faster and with less fuss. This drived me to create this website which is a directory with venues, DJs, cakes, dresses and much more. A project where I'm testing out the full benefit and downside of using SPA (single page application), based on the Backbone framework.

Sep 2012 - Dec 2013


Front-end developer

A site for skills marketplace, designed for the Middle East. I was hired especially for cleaning up the code and files and page load optimization. I've created sprites, managed folder structure and split the codes into manageble files. Was my first time in contact with Django - python (I fell in love with it). After the cleanup, the client was happy with my work and we've continued working on slicing PSD and UX work, on which I end up refactoring or creating from scratch about 70% of the entire front-end of the site. Was real fun to work with the team from Dubai and I feel I made some friends.

Jan 2011 - Mar 2012

HyperActive, Bucharest

Front-end developer

I worked with their team on a project basis, mainly slicing PSDs. Creating sites for companies like UPC, YEPP. Worked in a team with 4+ web coders under agile development. Was a real chance for me to learn a lot from my colleagues.

Mar 2011 - APR 2011


It all started from my love of nature and the knowledge of its power to heal and shape our life. A directory with plants and their capabilities to make our life better.

2007 - Present


I've started on, but recently I've been gettin 80% of my clients from The rest of 20% are clients who have returned because they've loved my code and enjoy working with me.

Technical Skills

Expert, Since 2006


Semantic, commented and W3C validated code. Desktop, mobile and print version with SEO friendly code. Since 2017 PWA (progressive web apps) is a big focus from my part.

Expert, Since 2006



Started with CSS 2.1 and since then I've evolved along side with the language. I'm always up to date (checking and Clean, commented, on-line css files.
The code is corss-browser compatible (IE9+ and modern browsers). Responsive design is last but not the least important skill.

Expert, Since 2010

Page Load Optimization

Started with image optimization (png / jpg depending on the case) and sprite usage. Yslow from Yahoo, the first really pro tool for this job. To study the paint time and order of resources being downloaded I use Chrome Dev Tool. I also use css & js mimification and compression and lazy loading.

Expert, Since 2008


AJAX, JSON, jQuery

I've started with vanilla javascript, in the time when jQuery was only an idea. Since then I've learned creating SPA with the help of AJAX & JSON. I'm writing all of my functionality using the power of jQuery: from custom slideshows, pagination, carousels to personalized functionality.

Advanced, Since 2013


with underscore templating

I've started with small, simple view projects, but once I got to build complex project I started using Marionette.js

Beginner, Since 2014

Angular.js & React

Started at the beginnig of 2014 and had a rapid evolution since then. Lately I've started playing around with Vue.js which, I think, will be the next best think.

Advanced, Since 2013

Gulp.js (transitioned from Grunt.js)

within node.js

I use it for Stylus pre-compilation and css files spliting/merging. Again with js files for minification, compression and splitting (big js files into modules)/merging.

Expert, Since 2007

Photoshop & Sketch

especially for image slicing

I've started creating logos and small site designs. I did gif animation, photo manipulation, but my main use of Photoshop is slicing the PSD into well crafted HTML & CSS code. For a few years now, I've also been working with Sketch as more and more designer work with Apple products. On my latest project I've also worked with InVisionApp, which is a really good competitor.

Expert, Since 2010


Used in clients projects and also in personal ones. Experience with gitHub but also with git on a custom server. In the past I've worked with SVN.

Advanced, Since 2009

Php & MySQL

with Laravel framework

I've crossed paths with PHP & MySQL a lot in the time I've been developing. I have a knowledge of structuring, coding, functions, capabilities and (most important) possible issues of the languages. But being a front-end guy, I never concentrated on this part of a site. There was always a backend-er (as it's supposed to be) or if I did a personal site, was a small one that never gave me the chance to go PRO on the backend. And I always go in life on the principle that you should be better at one thing (front-end in this case) than mediocre at 3.

Wannabe, Since 2012


Backend javascript

Being a frontend-er, I'm in my element with javascript, but i felt like I had two left hands when it came to backend. Node.js is giving me the posibility to create a project from start to finish in a single language. Which in my opinion is a very powerful thing. I'm learning this in my spare time trying to improve my skill as node.js is growing.


Jun 2013

Automation and Computer Science

"Politehnica" University of Timișoara

Jun 2006

Highschool Diploma, Math & Informatics

"Emanuil Gojdu" National College, Oradea



  • Date of birth: 26.02.1987
  • Current location: Oradea, Romania


in Reading, Speaking and Writing

  • Romanian - Native
  • English - Advanced
  • German - Beginner